Tired of paying high cellular fees? Communications Express offers wide area two-way way radio coverage in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. We have partnered with pdvWireless and FleetTalk to provide coverage to our local customers.

FleetTalk offers state-of-the-art digital communication systems in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. areas. Our Motorola digital UHF MOTOTRBO Connect Plus system offers amazing voice quality and the ability to use data applications.

Business owners need a more robust and more affordable communications system than a cell phone. Cell phones are really amazing, we can’t live without them in our personal lives. But in a business environment they may not be legal or reliable.

Did you know that government regulations now ban cell phones in the cabs of commercial drivers? Click here to learn more about the cell phone ban. Mobile workers need clear and reliable communications. A missed call, garbled message or a dead battery can mean lowered productivity, wasted time and money, unsatisfied customers, interruptions to essential services, or even lost business.

FleetTalk Can Help Your Business

  •  Don’t Get Fined By the Government – Our System is D.O.T. Compliant
  • Our System Is Also Narrowband Compliant
  • Our Digital Two-way Radios Have GPS Built In
  • No Overages – Talk As Much As You Wish
  • Portable Two-way Radios With Long Battery Life
  • Mobile Radios Securely Fixed To Your Vehicles
  • Clear Voice Quality
  • Large Coverage Area
  • Business Only Communications – No Personal Calls
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Know Where Your Employees Are At All Times
  • One To Many Communications

Contact us to learn more about our FleetTalk radio system.

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