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Street ready data over public safety LTE

Criminals are getting more sophisticated and more dangerous. Disaster can strike at any time. To respond effectively, public safety personnel need tools that they can count on for up-to-the-minute information and let everyone have the same operational view – whether they are on opposite sides of a building or on the other side of town.

The LEX 700 delivers. Connected to Public Safety LTE broadband, it brings your personnel rich data when and where they need it, with the security and control of your own data network. Rugged construction and an interface designed for public safety ensure that field staff can focus on their mission, not the device. And knowing that the device is backed by our sophisticated device management and security infrastructure gives IT the confidence to trust staff in the field with confidential data.

Exceptional Connectivity

Whether it is data, photos, video or voice, the LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld is designed to bring it to you quickly, reliably and securely. In the field, the LEX 700 delivers virtually unlimited connectivity:

  • Band 14 Public Safety LTE
  • 3G EVDO Rev. A
  • CDMA 2.5G and 2G cellular
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi™
  • Bluetooth® technology
  • GPS, including standalone and assisted (aGPS)

This connectivity not only makes the LEX 700 versatile in the field – it also helps your agency leverage existing infrastructure and maximize return on prior investments.

Advanced Android Ecosystem

Using the advanced Android 4.2.2 operating system – Jelly Bean – LEX 700 provides agencies with a flexible platform for multimedia-rich applications that give officers on the street an advanced user experience enhancing efficiency and productivity, during everyday activities and when the mission really matters.

A Worthy Partner For Your Radio

Public safety agencies rely on voice communications, and the LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld brings a multitude of voice technologies to the field, in one rugged package:

  • ASTRO® 25 radio network connectivity via the LTE-P25 gateway
  • Dedicated Push-to-Talk (PTT) button
  • Configurable Quick Action button
  • Dual-microphone noise canceling technology
  • Voice connectivity over cellular networks

With Mission Critical Wireless technology, the LEX 700 can securely touch-pair with an APX® 7000 radio, letting you monitor radio traffic, change volume and switch channels, while keeping the radio out of sight.

The Art And Science Of Mission Critical Design

Motorola pioneered a field of study that focuses on human performance in moments of extreme stress, volatility and uncertainty. It’s called High Velocity Human factors, and it reveals that under high stress, people process information very differently. We transferred this research into our device portfolio: integrating ergonomics, cognitive and clinical psychology, as well as physical and cultural anthropology.

The result is a handheld device intuitively designed for emergency response. Its user interface presents critical information front and center for improved decision making and to help ensure that the most critical functions are always accessible. Features like a dedicated Push-to-Talk button, an easy-to-access Quick Action button, textured grip surfaces and rubberized edges designed to help keep your personnel safe in high-stress situations.

Built For The Street

Whether it is law enforcement, fire, EMS or others on the front line, they require tools that deliver the voice and data needed in the field. But that’s only the beginning. The tools must also withstand the challenges of working outdoors, in rough conditions 365 days a year – and operate in a way that lets personnel focus on the task at hand, not the technology.

During an incident, every second counts. To keep up with the needs of public safety, the LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld incorporates powerful hardware components, matched with long-lasting batteries.

  • Advanced 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • High-resolution, 4-inch display
  • Finger-driven capacitive touch screen made from damage-resistant glass
  • Bluetooth® 2.0 + EDR
  • High-capacity battery (3760mAh)

Working in public safety means operating outdoors, often in hostile weather conditions. That’s why the LEX 700 is IP54 sealed and ruggedized against everyday hazards like moisture, vibration and temperature extremes. Built to exceed MIL-STD-810G test specifications, it is also protected against drops to concrete.

Ready-For-Action Accessories

Whether your personnel are on the street, in the patrol car, at their desk or in the server room, LEX 700 accessories will help them make the most of this powerful, versatile device. Accessories for the LEX 700 ensure that the unit stays ready for action when and where it’s needed, while making the job of supporting and managing these wireless devices easier for IT staff.

Like the LEX 700, these rugged accessories have built-in features to support the needs of first responders, from location channels on the device that help to guide the device into the charging cradles, to a magnetic accessory port that anchors the device to the charger to make sure the connection is solid and the device will charge.

Helping You Stay In Control

A large-scale deployment of portable devices can pose a challenge for IT staff. Software and services can help agencies deal with user accounts, deploy and update devices in the field, control profiles and policies associated with each device – even delete data from a device that has been lost or stolen.

Everything from battery health to patch management to application lockdown can be done while the unit remains in the field. Support staff can also operate a device remotely, which significantly lowers support costs and allows field personnel to stay focused on the mission and remain where they are needed most.

Advanced Android™ Ecosystem

Using advanced Android 4.2.2 operating system – Jelly Bean – the LEX 700 provides agencies with a flexible platform for adding multi-media rich applications to enhance the efficiency and productivity during everyday activities and when the mission really matters.

Critical Information In The Field

Take full advantage of media-intense applications with 4G speed; ensure responders are never out of touch with 3G and Wi-Fi®. Bluetooth® technology lets you connect peripherals like cameras, fingerprint readers and printers.

When It Needs To Be Seen

Get a shared operational view of an incident with high-quality streaming video, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and an ultra-bright display that you can view in direct sunlight.

Always Have The Battle Map

Stay informed and be prepared to act as one with up-to-the-minute location information and multimedia sharing capabilities.

Cut Out The Paperwork

Improve efficiency by automating everyday tasks like ticket writing, identity verification, evidence management – even booking a suspect – in seconds, right at the scene.

Set Priorities

When an incident happens, ensure that information reaches those who need it most.

Connect In An Instant

Communicate with voice services over LTE, cellular and IP networks or a dedicated Push-to-Talk button. Improve your response with LTE-P25 gateway interoperability and get help fast with the Quick Action button. And know that your voice will be heard with advanced noise-canceling technology.

Expand Your Coverage

Supplement your Public Safety LTE 4G network with Wi-Fi® and also cellular 3G EVDO Rev A and CDMA 2.5G and 2G.

Ready-for Action Accessories

Like the LEX 700 our accessories are built tough to support the needs of first responders from locating channels while in a holster to a magnetic accessory port that anchors the device to the charger making sure the connection is solid and device will charge.

Stay In Control

Retain full control over user accounts and manage devices in the field. Maintain user profiles and receive real-time usage reports.

Hardware That Performs In A Crisis

Expect top-notch performance with a dual-core 1 GHz processor and a long-lasting battery that lasts through an eight-hour shift.

Built For The Street

Confidently use the LEX 700 in harsh conditions, knowing that it has been tested to withstand blowing dust and rain, repeated drops on concrete and other challenges of your environment.

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LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld
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