Fireground Communications Solutions

Communications Express works with EMS, fire departments and first responders in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. to provide mission-critical communication solutions.

When every second counts, you need to be able to share information seamlessly across multiple response teams, regardless of the device or network.

Experience real-time collaboration between devices and improve your response with Motorola’s advanced ecosystem of mission-critical devices. In order to improve efficiency and accelerate decision making, you need devices that work together seamlessly and share information effortlessly. That’s why Motorola is building future-ready devices with innovative capabilities such as fast proximity pairing using mission-critical Bluetooth™ technology and applications that streamline information between all users and their various devices.


Meeting Increasing Firefighter Demands
From command to the front line, your firefighters put their lives on the line every single day. Yet, they are under constant stress and pressure from a lack of critical personnel, resources and funding to be their best.

Smart Solutions That Improve Safety And Response
Motorola fireground technologies are purpose-built to deliver intelligent, reliable communications with clear voice and real-time data to help your firefighters respond and prepare for the unexpected.

Meanwhile, location tracking, equipment telemetry sensors and live streaming video cameras in the incident area, keep your firefighters safe by enabling monitoring of air tank levels and fire conditions from incident command. Designed with user experience in mind, Motorola technologies are non-intrusive and intuitive to operate, offering a seamless flow of critical intelligence across users and devices.

Giving Incident Command The Information They Need
In addition to monitoring each firefighter’s location, and equipment statuses, incident command can also perform robust accountability functions to aid in personnel monitoring. Motorola’s APX Personnel Accountability Application roll call function operates via a PTT button press acknowledgment rather than a verbal check-in – and can immediately trigger an alarm if a firefighter does not respond. This eliminates the need for manual reporting and drastically reduces PAR cycle time.

Emergency Medical Services Communications Solutions

Maximize The Golden Hour: Saving Seconds Means Saving Lives
The “Golden Hour” typically refers to the time frame identified by medical and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals as the crucial period in which beginning-of treatment for heart attack and stroke victims should occur for greatest chance of survival. EMS professionals recognize that no matter what the emergency – whether heart attack or stroke or injuries due to accident, fire, street violence and more – every second is invaluable. The ability to arrive on scene quickly and immediately establish a bidirectional exchange of information between the incident scene, doctors and the hospital emergency department is critical in saving lives.

Safer, More Effective Response Saves Lives
Motorola supports EMS with powerful solutions that provide the entire emergency medical team with real-time, actionable intelligence. Their innovative, highly reliable networks and devices are purpose-built to deliver EMS-centric solutions, empowering emergency medical teams to save lives under the most difficult, pressure ridden, life-and-death situations.


Two-Way Radios

APX Radios

Enabling Safer Operations With The Connected Firefighter
With a purpose-built design for the firefighting community, the APX XE Series radios and accessories deliver the clearest audio in the industry, allowing firefighters to hear even in the most chaotic of conditions. Furthermore the APX XE line facilitates interagency collaboration by providing instant, interoperable voice and data communications across agencies and networks in accordance with the P25 standard.

When you’re responding to an emergency call, your radio is your patient’s lifeline to life-saving treatment. It’s also your lifeline to safety and security. That’s why in emergency medicine every two-way radio conversation is crucial. Motorola APX™ portable radios provide leading-edge noise suppression technology, so that every responder can be sure that his or her calls will be clear and understandable even under chaotic, noisy conditions. APX radios are ergonomically designed to be easy to use even in difficult environments. They’re also ruggedized to withstand the hazards of field use from drops to excessive heat or cold to immersion in water. APX radios also enable EMS to utilize voice and data, and offer interoperability for communications with agencies in other communities and jurisdictions.

APX Extreme Series Radios And Accessories
Working together with firefighters around the world, Motorola designed the APX Extreme Series, a complete portfolio of ergonomically advanced, ultra-rugged radios and accessories that is safe, easy and efficient to use. With over eighty years of experience in ergonomics, design and technology for public safety, the APX XE Series is the culmination of cross disciplines and user input.

Motorola APX™ P25 Portable Radios

Motorola APX™ P25 Mobile Radios

LTE User Devices

LTE Connectivity With LEX Handheld Devices

In today’s world, it’s a necessity that emergency medical responders have mobile access to high-priority LTE broadband data. This enables the team to stream real-time video, provide urgent updates to dispatch and command and control, and have interoperable push-to-talk capability. Motorola’s LEX L10 handheld is designed to help you take maximum advantage of multimedia-rich applications that provide efficient, productive, collaborative mission support en route to the site, on-scene and in transport to the hospital or trauma center. Advanced video capabilities provide a shared view of an incident with high-quality streaming video, hardware accelerated 3D graphics. LEX devices are powered by a dual-core processor, and feature a long-lasting battery that lasts through the entire shift.

Learn more about Motorola Lte User Devices

Dispatch Consoles

Mobilize and Inform When and Where It’s Needed Most
As the world continues to become more connected, the expectation for instant coordination and a seamless flow of information is increasing. Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in field and the community they serve.

MCC 7100 IP Dispatch Console
The MCC 7100 Console uses wired or wireless networks to establish Project 25 (P25) encrypted voice communications with trunked and conventional radios, when and where it is needed. Being deployable on a tablet, it allows for quick expansion of mobile work force communications for on-the-spot coordination during special events, for disaster management, in back-up facilities and to increase temporary dispatch capacity.

Motorola P25 Dispatch Consoles

Pager Built For First Responders


The Motorola MINITOR VI™ two-tone voice pager is ideal for fire departments and other organizations that need to react quickly in times of emergency. With up to 16 minutes of voice recording, customizable call alerts and improved receiver design, the MINITOR VI is flexible, rugged and reliable. It’s built for the realities of first responders.

Learn more about Motorola’s MINITOR VI Pager

WAVE Work Group Communications

Motorola’s WAVE™ technology is a breakthrough communication interoperability and broadband solution that enables simple, secure and affordable push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities. WAVE empowers every member of the response team across the continuum of care to instantly connect with each other, or with specific work groups via PTT. It eliminates boundaries and delivers real-time voice and data securely over any network using any device, including two-way radios, smartphones, laptops, tablets, rugged handhelds and landlines. Members of your emergency medical team can use devices they already have and networks to which they already subscribe to have PTT connectivity with hospital staff, specialty doctors and other individuals, both inside and outside your radio communication system.

WAVE Work Group Communications


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WAVE Work Group Communications

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