Keep In Touch with More Workers, More Easily

Today more than ever, workers need to be productive to keep your business competitive. Handling shipments at a seaport, managing maintenance at a resort or serving fans at a major sports complex. Whether they’re repairing the heating system in the basement or unloading cargo at the receiving dock, they all need to exchange business-critical voice and data communications.

MOTOTRBO™ makes efficient information-sharing a reality. Our professional digital communication system combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. It integrates voice and data seamlessly, offers enhanced features that are easy to use and delivers increased capacity to meet your growing communication needs. With exceptional voice quality and long battery life, MOTOTRBO keeps your workers connected when communication is a must.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus extends this powerful performance and increases productivity, too. Our scalable, single-site digital trunking solution lets you cost-effectively expand the capacity of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. Now you can connect a large number of workers to a large volume of voice and data communications – instantly, clearly, continuously.

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers 5 times the capacity of an analog conventional system and up to 3 times the capacity of an analog trunking system.
  • Delivers 2 times the capacity of a MOTOTRBO digital conventional system.
  • “Trunks” up to 12 digital voice talk paths.
  • Allows up to 24 additional dedicated data paths.
  • Accommodates up to 1,200 radios.
  • Integrates both voice and data applications such as GPS-enabled location services, text messaging, telemetry and much more, on the same system.
  • Offers system-wide calling capability to communicate with all personnel at once.
  • Supports the MOTOTRBO Repeater Diagnostic and Control (RDAC) utility to help ensure the continuous performance of your system.
  • Integrates with existing MOTOTRBO systems via a simple, software upgrade.

Exchange Information without Extra Frequencies

With Capacity Plus, you can expand and optimize the full capacity of your MOTOTRBO system while you transmit business-critical information. And you can do this without the cost and inconvenience of purchasing additional infrastructure.

Capacity Plus is the intelligent software solution that links up to 1,200 MOTOTRBO radio users to voice and data without adding new frequencies. Your employees can exchange information with voice communication and also share data, all on the same system – whether they’re receiving work order tickets from guest services, text messages from the manufacturing line or location updates throughout the port.

Be Better Connected and More Productive

Sports arena or convention center, resort spa or shopping mall, how do multiple work teams stay in sync when they are spread throughout the facility, plant or campus? Capacity Plus keeps you more efficient and better connected with just the push of a button. It expands digital communication to 12 voice paths, 24 additional data paths and up to 1,200 users.

While your employees use 12 talk paths for voice communications, the extra 24 dedicated data paths can be used for rapid and reliable information-sharing, from GPS location coordinates to work order tickets. So you can reach them no matter where they go throughout the facility – making them safer and more efficient and your operations more nimble and productive.

Move at Your Own Pace

Keeping your operations running smoothly during a change in communication systems is vital to your business. That’s why MOTOTRBO radios are so flexible. With an option board upgrade, they can be configured to operate on your existing LTRĀ® or PassPortĀ® analog trunking system.

Then when you are ready to migrate to digital trunking, with just a Capacity Plus software upgrade, you can begin moving on your own terms — one talk group or one department at a time.

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