Performance Management Software For Motorola MOTOTRBO Networks


GW3-TRBO provides centralized monitoring, management, reporting, analytics and notifications for MOTOTRBO Radio Systems. It allows users to easily view and monitor live radio and data traffic, report on system and subscriber activity as well as manage resources down to the subscriber level from a single or any combination of a combination of multiple MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Max or Connect Plus networks


The Right Devices, The Right People, The Right Time.


DAPage is a Software as a Service gateway to the Motorola MOTOTRBO family of products, supporting all of the available MOTOTRBO topologies from a conventional control station and a half-dozen subscribers to thousands of radios on a Connect Plus™ regional deployment, and we will be adding support for Capacity-Max later this year.

SmartPTT Monitoring

Real-Time Remote Monitoring And Control Of MOTOTRBO Infrastructure


SmartPTT Monitoring is a software application providing real-time monitoring and comprehensive analytics of the radio network for in-depth analysis and optimal management of your MOTOTRBO infrastructure.

SmartPTT Monitoring is available as a standalone product or as an optional feature within SmartPTT Enterprise or SmartPTT PLUS.

TRBOnet Watch

Complete Visibility For MOTOTRBO Systems


TRBOnet Watch monitors the health and performance of the MOTOTRBO repeaters. It constantly scans system health and reports on connection status, events, embedded sensors and more. TRBOnet Watch will detect problems immediately and notify you by emails or SNMP traps.

TRBOnet Watch monitors loading for each channel individually and for the entire system. It analyzes all repeater slots for the traffic activity and builds the reports on the most consumers, data types and busiest hours.


Paperless Data Entry On XPR Series Portable And Mobile Radios


The TW255 is a software APP for MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radios. It is an effective tool for collecting in-field data in diverse applications such as School Bus Time & Attendance, Vehicle inspection information, aircraft re-fueling, etc.

The TW255 MOTOTRBO software APP provides users with the ability to fill in FORM data directly into a MOTOTRBO radio and send to Tallysman TruFleet™ application for processing or forwarding to a 3rd party application. Tallysman provides a Windows application to build and test FORMS before loading on radios.

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